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Rockaway, Queens




Rockaway Beach, July 2015

Sunday Potluck Brunch

I love brunch but I can’t stand the crowd or having to wait for a table. But yesterday, we decided to do a potluck brunch with a smorgasbord of delicious foods. I brought slices of pies from Four & Twenty (of course), chopped liver, and some Hungarian salami which had sweet paprika and pork. Other people brought bagels and spreads, mixed berries, cherries, avocado spread, beers, gin & tonic, juice, hash brown, eggs, veggies, croissants, bacon, and turkey sausages. Yum!






Roasted Broccoli With Shichimi Togarashi

Are people bored of broccoli? Or is broccoli boring? I don’t hear people getting excited about broccoli. I’m definitely guilty of over looking it every time I’m at the farmers market…going for more the super seasonal vegetables. But after eating so much fried chicken at the Fried Chicken Club meeting, I had a super strong craving for broccoli. I’m not sure why I had the craving……but I ended up buying couple heads of broccoli at the farmers market.

I love chicken and broccoli and my mom usually stir fries it with garlic but I wanted to try something different. So in spite of the heat, I roasted the broccoli.


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Fried Chicken Club, The First Meeting

On Saturday, I met up with Summer, Sydney, Sydney’s husband, and few of Sydney’s friends for the very first Fried Chicken Club meeting at The Drink in Williamsburg.

So what’s the deal with Fried Chicken Club? It’s pretty simple. Bring any sort of fried chicken (chicken fingers, Korean wings, nuggets, fancy or cheap, sandwiches) to share with other people. We did really well for our first meeting. A nice variety of fried chickens.


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Soft Shell Crab Sandwich

I’m not really a big crab person. It’s not that I hate crab but it’s just too much work for that little meat. Haha, yeah I’m lazy. When I was a kid, my mom would simply boil shrimp with the shell on and serve it with soy sauce. I refused to eat it because I didn’t want to peel the shrimp. Or maybe I was smart cause she ended up peeling the shrimp for me. Heh.

I do like the taste of crab, so when it’s soft shell crab season, I make sure to stock up. It’s pretty easy and quick to cook them. I usually fry it in butter and serve it with whatever seasonal vegetables I just happened to have. BUT this time, I made a soft shell crab sandwich because I finally got my hands on some King’s Hawaiian bun. Last time I checked, about 2 years ago, the closest place to buy King’s Hawaiian bread was in New Jersey. I found these in Pathmark in Gowanus.


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