Spring On A Plate

Asparagus Shrimp Miso Pasta

You know, half the time I have no idea what I’m doing. It’s really more like experimenting with ingredients than actually cooking. Cooking for me means you know what you’re doing and that the final product will be delicious. Most of the time I just dump everything into a pan and cross my fingers that it’ll be edible. And this is the one reason why I don’t bake.

How much salt did I use? A pinch? How much is a pinch? Not sure. How much pasta did I really boil? I know 1 serving isn’t enough for me so I usually make a little bit more. Is it 3 ounces? How long do I saute the asparagus? Eh….*shrugs. Medium heat, high heat, low heat. I should pay more attention when I cook so that I can be consistent every time. Some days my dishes turn out pretty darn good and some days they’re underseasoned. I guess like everything else, it’s just practice practice practice.

This is difficult but I’m going to try to be better at this. This whole recipe writing thing.

Anyways, check it out, spring is finally here. I found asparagus (sorry kale) at the farmer’s market and decided to cook it for lunch. Luckily I had stuff at home to cook a pasta dish with the asparagus. It was like spring on a plate.

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Hong Kong 2014

Hong Kong 2014 Canon

Last time I was in Hong Kong, it was March 2001. I was there for a week during spring break. I guess I was excited to go back but at the same time I didn’t really care too much about it. You know I was young and wasn’t into photography or exploring or food or really anything. I was stuck in LA and weren’t really thinking about the future. Moving to New York really changed me, changed me for the better definitely. I’m more curious now and so to go back to Hong Kong after 13 years, it was great! I’m was born in Hong Kong so it will always be “home” and yet at the same time, I feel like a foreigner.

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Marfa, TX

Marfa, Texas

It was my first time in Texas. The few times at the airport, on my way to another airport does not count. I wasn’t sure what to expect since there is only so much you can “research” on a place. I knew beforehand that Marfa was where they shot the movie, “No Country for Old Men” and there is a big artsy community, thanks to Donald Judd, the minimal artist.

It’s not the easiest place to get to from New York City. You fly into El Paso or Midland, with a layover in Houston, then you have to drive 3 hours south. Though once you start the drive, you’re rewarded with some of the most beautiful landscape. Yes, Texas is flat, wide open space. It’s quite refreshing, especially for people so used to cement, asphalt, subways and tall buildings. I do recommend flying into El Paso because on the way to Marfa, you’ll pass the famous fake Prada store which is the sign that you’re close to Marfa.

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Taste Talks

This past weekend I was photographing the first ever Taste Talks, brought to you by Northside Media Group and curated by April Bloomfield.

Saturday started off with all-you-can-eat fried chicken, pancakes, grits, eggs, syrup at Brooklyn Bowl, along with pulled pork by Patrick Hallahan, drummer for My Morning Jacket. Spoilers, the pulled pork was quite amazing. The rest of the day included talks/panels with people like Paulie of Paulie Gee’s, the Robicelli’s, Dale Talde, Sarah Simmons, Questlove, Ben Conniff of Luke’s Lobster and many more.

Sunday was the All-Star Cookout that paired up different chefs with one another to create a single dish. You know I’m into the sort of behind-the-scenes stuff, so I decided to get there an hour early to catch the chefs doing prep work. Also it was wonderful to see so many familiar faces (Nate Smith of Allswell, Tom Mylan of The Meat Hook) and got a chance to meet April Bloomfield herself, John Seymour of Sweet Chick, Noah Bernamoff of Mile End, Alexander LaPratt of Atrium DUMBO, Zahra Tangorra of Brucie, and Jon Feldman of Stumptown Coffee.

Taste Talks

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