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Pork Cheek With Beans And Lentils Over Toast

So I did an impulse buy at my local butcher shop. I haven’t eaten them but rarely do I see pork cheeks for sale. Without thinking, I bought a pound and stuffed them in the freezer for another time. And couple months went by (I actually had forgotten that I bought them) and I finally decided to cook with them.

I randomly saw this video of Jamie Oliver cooking beans served with pork and that’s how I came up with this idea. This is a great dish, you can eat it as is or on toast or over rice or add extra stock for soup. Oh the possibilities!

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The 5 Best NYC Fried Chickens Out Of The 27 I’ve Had So Far

I rarely trust lists that people make. You’re telling me, these 5 plates of salad is the BEST in New York City and I should go eat them. Have you tried every plate of salad from everywhere? I doubt it.

My goal is to find my favorite fried chickens and to do that, I’ve been trying to eat all of them in New York City. Yes, all of them. This is a long term research project that started many years ago but didn’t take it seriously till last May. My economics professor once said that if you want the facts, the truth, don’t rely on the news. Go out and find out for yourself. Food is subjective. Many people have said The Redhead does a great fried chicken but when I had it, I thought it lacked seasoning and that it was boring.

The rules are simple, no chains, no wings places, no chicken tenders, no chicken nuggets. I have a whole other list for fried chicken sandwiches because those are darn tasty too. There are some places that serve boneless fried chicken which my friend doesn’t consider to be “fried chicken.” What do y’all think? Talde in Park Slope does a good one but it’s boneless!


So to be fair and honest, I’m listing out 5 of the BEST fried chickens in New York City from the 27 I’ve had so far.

In no particular order, they are…
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A Galette

Honestly I have never heard of galette before until few months ago when Marian Bull brought one to a picnic at Prospect Park.

A ga..what?

And ever since then, it’s all I see and hear and read about in the digital space. It’s like one of those things where you go and buy a green car and suddenly, it’s all you see on the road, green cars.

I’ve been meaning to make one but well you know, had to wait till it was cooler to turn on the oven.

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Taste Talks 2014

Another year, another Taste Talks. I was asked to photograph the event again and got a chance to sit through some very cool demos and interesting panels. The fun part is always the chance to meet the chefs. Here’s a photo recap of Taste Talks 2014.

Taste Talks 2014

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Tattoo Project: Amanda

Tattoo Amanda

Current occupation: Social Media Manager for Zagat

What made you decide to get your first tattoo?
I had been wanting wings on my back for at least five years – for flying, not for anything about being an angel which sometimes people say – so when I graduated college and was about to move to New York, it kind of felt like now or never.

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