What Is Photography To You?

Hasselblad Aug

What is photography to you? Does it change depending on the format you’re using?

I try to shoot with film constantly and every time I get my pictures back from the photo store, they feel so much more precious than my digital snaps. I love the graininess of it, the unexpected purple hue, the sense that I photographed something well without the help of a computer telling me that I’m not exposing properly.

I didn’t realize this but photography has become the thing I go to when I need a moment of quietness. When I’m feeling just a little bit too suffocated by people…work….life, I instinctively grab my camera and go for long walks.

And analog forces me to focus on a photo and let me just phase out my worries.

All images photographed on Kodak Portra 400 with a Hasselblad
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Sunday In A Jar


So last time when I made pie crust cookies, I was left with the dilemma of having leftover pie crust. Obviously there were many things I could’ve used it for but I was craving something else. Inspired by my favorite Big Gay Ice Cream treat, the Mermaid (which has vanilla ice cream, key lime curd, homemade graham crumble, and whipped cream), I wanted to make a sundae. I thought of using the same pint of vanilla ice cream I used for my pie crust cookie ice cream sandwiches but nope, I had an even better idea.

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Pie Crust Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ice cream sandwich

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade but what happens when a friend gives you a big bag of plums? This was my dilemma couple weeks ago. “Sure,” I said to my friend while she handed me a giant ziplock bag of tiny plums. Her uncle had sent her lots and lots, which he grows in his backyard in California and she was happy to get rid of some.

You know what’s not fun? Taking tiny pits out from tiny plums.

Facebook and Instagram were great help, with people giving me ideas for what to do with the plums. From jam to pies to cobblers to sangria to sorbet. Though I ended finding my inspiration from Tara O’Brady’s plum sauce in her plum rippled ginger crunch ice cream recipe.

But what do I do with the plum sauce?

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