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Golden Hour At The Pie Shop





Warm Potato Salad

There were so many great stuff last week at the farmers market that I sort of randomly grabbed a bunch of stuff. I bought some fingerling potatoes, tiny sweet peppers, 1 bunch of shiso leaves, 1 bunch of Thai basil, purple long beans, a box of shallots, and a garlic. While on the way home, riding the train, I was thinking what I should do with all the things I bought. Maybe a vegetarian version of the 3 cup chicken with the Thai basil? Or maybe a pasta with the sweet peppers and shiso leaves.

Then I went online and posted the stuff I got and see if anyone had any new/fresh ideas. Then a friend suggested potato salad. I thought…YEAH! I had a bottle of Kewpie mayo, mayo is a must in potato salad for me.

I decided to keep things simple by just slicing and roughly chopping everything. To make it more simpler, I kept all the ingredients raw and just have the heat from the cooked potatoes sort of bring all the ingredients together.

I rarely make anything delicious but this was so darn good. I ate a whole pound of potatoes in one day. Then this past weekend, I made it again but this time I measured things out.

So here it is….

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Back In August

Time needs to slow down




Tattoo Project: Amanda

Tattoo Amanda

Current occupation: Social Media Manager for Zagat

What made you decide to get your first tattoo?
I had been wanting wings on my back for at least five years – for flying, not for anything about being an angel which sometimes people say – so when I graduated college and was about to move to New York, it kind of felt like now or never.

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What Is Photography To You?

Hasselblad Aug

What is photography to you? Does it change depending on the format you’re using?

I try to shoot with film constantly and every time I get my pictures back from the photo store, they feel so much more precious than my digital snaps. I love the graininess of it, the unexpected purple hue, the sense that I photographed something well without the help of a computer telling me that I’m not exposing properly.

I didn’t realize this but photography has become the thing I go to when I need a moment of quietness. When I’m feeling just a little bit too suffocated by people…work….life, I instinctively grab my camera and go for long walks.

And analog forces me to focus on a photo and let me just phase out my worries.

All images photographed on Kodak Portra 400 with a Hasselblad
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